Employee Highlight - Fernando Garcia

We appreciate the hard work our employees do every day, we want to officially recognize & thank them for everything they do to make Wildwood Land Design a great place to work.

Fernando Garcia is in the spotlight this month!  His sense of humor, reliability and consistent hard work are just a few of the traits that make him an asset to have on the team.

We appreciate the effort and energy he brings to a job site.

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Fernando Garcia


Landscape Installer - Hire Date: May 2009

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What would be impossible for you to give up? "Ha Ha Ha, that's a good question!" 

How do you want to be remembered?  "..as a good hard worker, team player & good person." 


Where can we find you when you aren't at work?  "with my kids and girlfriend."  

"I grew up in Mexico, moved here to be close to family and Wildwood has been my only employer in the states.  7.5 years now!"


Fernando is a talented landscape installer, we especially appreciate his irrigation knowledge and planting skills.  We love that he rarely complains and his prankster attitude makes work fun!   Thanks Fernando.